Luckaborough Farm
EX31 3NF
01769 560 135
Luxury Glamping in the heart of North Devon, with the space and privacy to run wild

Luckaborough glamping is all about the luxury of space in nature.

Rather than packing tents in like sardines, we have given each of our pitches several acres of land, allowing our guests the space and privacy to run wild. Through the provision of firepits, a swimming lake and 7 acres of private woodland, we encourage our guests to re-engage in the nostalgic joy of mucking about outdoors.

We feel passionately about living as sustainably as possible and pour our hearts into our own efforts as smallholders and wildlife conservationists. catering1Our long-term goal is to create an environment where a great diversity of wildlife can flourish in harmony with the campsite and our smallholding. It would be our greatest delight if our guests go away having experienced a slice of that good life with us.

A big part of our own enjoyment of Luckaborough is the opportunity it has given us to slow down and experience the contentment of concentrating on the task at hand. Whether it’s cooking on a campfire, brewing tea in the woods, building a fort, finding bugs, hugging trees, doing an art project, napping, swimming or just listening to the birds, we genuinely hope you can experience the same sense of peace and contentment during your stay at Luckaborough that we have come to enjoy ourselves over the years.


Justin and Emma Peer-Norton have nearly 30 years experience in the film business between them. Ems credits as VFX Producer include: Black Hawk Down, the Harry Potter films, Edge of Tomorrow, Cinderella, Tarzan and Wonder Jays credits include the Potter films, X-Men, Fast and Furious, World War Z, Jason Bourne and also Wonder Woman.

The glamping plan came about five years ago. Having realised that their increasing obsession with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV show, River Cottage, was perhaps indicating a lifestyle change was necessary, they began to plot a move to the countryside. But how to do it?

It was a weekend glamping trip that gave them the lightbulb moment. After a hugely enjoyable couple of days sleeping on a comfortable bed under canvas, cooking on the firepit and probably drinking one bottle too many, they worked out a business plan for a glamping site on a scrap of paper and the touch paper was lit.

One week later the London flat was on the market. One year after that (almost to the day), they picked up the keys to Luckaborough Farm. And now, four years later, Ems and Jay live full time at Luckaborough with their two dogs, Fraggle and Muppet, several chickens and the odd pig or two. They run the campsite, work the smallholding  and often goof off to muck about in the woods.


We will be running the following pitches from June 3rd 2019
The Shepherds hut can be booked all year round, but the Yurt and Stargazer close on Sept 30th:

  • Lakeside Yurt – sleeps up to 6
  • Shepherds Hut – sleeps up to 4
  • Stargazer Lotus Belle tent – sleeps 2

We can add an additional baby / toddler cot and a single camp bed to both the Yurt and the Stargazer.

All accommodation is self-catering and we provide everything that’s needed for cooking and living.
In the Yurt and Shepherds hut this includes duvets, pillows, sheets and towels as standard. But in order to give you a budget option they do not come as standard with the Stargazer, so you will need to bring your own if booking the Stargazer lotus belle tent – or, you can always add the Stargazer linens package to your booking if you wish.

There is a central shower and wash-block, as well as a private, wood fired hot tub at each pitch.  The first load of wood is provided free, with each subsequent wheelbarrow full charged at £5.

Accommodation can be booked in the following blocks,nest

  • Week / 7 night booking Friday to Friday or Monday to Monday
  • Midweek / 4 night booking Monday to Friday
  • Weekend / 3 night booking Friday to Monday

Check in at 3pm
Check out at 10am

We will make last minute bookings for single nights if available on the day.

Sorry, we don’t do hard-standing / hook-ups for caravans, or allow pitch-your-own tents or camper vans into the camping fields.

The only pitch with electricity is the Shepherds hut.  The tents are all off-grid, but there is electricity at the central shower and washing up block. We provide key lockers with built in USB and plug socket charging points for your devices.

There is an information pack in each tent with lots of good suggestions for things to do, where to eat and how to get to various places. We will also post daily weather reports, and notices of events at the wash-block.


All pitches are self-catering and contain individual kitchenettes with small gas ovens and hobs (electric in the case of the Shepherds hut).  The kitchenettes are fully stocked with all the pots, pans, utensils and tableware you should need for cooking.  The contents of each pitch are listed in downloadable PDFs on the useful information page.

As well as the little ovens in the kitchenettes, you can also cook on the fire-pits, which have griddles and pots that hang over the flames.  Trust us, it’s dead easy and brilliant fun!  However, if you would prefer there is a communal charcoal BBQ and we can sell you bags of charcoal at the house.  For convenience there is also a communal microwave in the wash-block.

We are well served by the shops in the local towns of Torrington and Barnstaple.  Or you can order food deliveries from Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose.

If you intend to order a food delivery, it is worth noting that due to our rural location, the supermarkets only deliver on certain days and you should book well in advance of your arrival to save disappointment.  The delivery address is Luckaborough Farm, Yarnscombe, Barnstaple, EX31 3NF (Tel: 01769 560 135).  We share a postcode with our neighbours 50 metres up the road, so it’s worth telling your driver to look out for the wooden gate at the top of the drive, with the sign that says ‘Luckaborough Glamping’ to save confusion!   If the food delivery arrives before you do, then we will put your shopping into the communal fridge in the wash block.


If you don’t want to cook in your pitch, then we are also very well served by the local pubs and restaurants.  Details of which can be found on our LOCAL page and also in the welcome pack.

With regards to local take-away, Fraggle would personally like to draw your attention to the fabulous ‘Pig and Olive’ mobile wood-fired pizza service, which parks up a couple of miles from the site, every Weds  evening.


All tents have general rubbish and recycling bins, which we will empty regularly. We ask that everyone please take recycling as seriously as we do for the duration of their stay. Full recycling instructions are in the information packs.

The central wash block has two shower cubicles with gas-powered heating giving you instant hot water all day long.  Clean towels are provided on your arrival – if you need to change them during your stay, just come to see us up at the house.

Next to the shower cubicles is the flush toilet for everybody’s use, which runs on our treatment plant.  The Yurt and the Shepherds Hut also have their own private composting loos.


The washing up room beside the showers, contains two washing-up sinks (one inside, one outside), with washing-up liquid, scouring brushes and drying towels provided.  The tea towels are changed regularly for clean ones.

In the wash block you will also find a communal washing machine, fridge freezer and microwave.  We provide non-bio washing up tabs for the machine and the freezer is stocked with lots of re-usable freezer blocks for your ice boxes.  You will also find the key-lockers with charging points for your devices beside the fridge.

Please note, the wash block is the only place on site that has electricity (apart from the Shepherds Hut of course), so this is where you will also find plug sockets for hair dryers.


We have a beautiful swimming lake, that is lined with clay and fed by fresh spring water. It is roughly 7ft deep all the way through, with sharply shelved banks and a pontoon for entering and exiting the water at one end.  The water is very clean thanks to the fresh spring feeding it and the rushes we have planted to keep it that way.  There are no fish in the lake, but there are plenty of frogs, newts, dragonflies and other pond wildlife.

Everybody staying is welcome to swim in it as long as you follow the rules stated in the rules section below ( a copy of the rules surrounding the swimming lake are also found in your welcome booklet).


Tucked behind the Stargazer pitch you will also find the much older nature pond.  This is purposefully quite overgrown and wild as we want to encourage any wildlife that relies on such ponds for their living.

There is a pontoon at one end, so you can walk out on to that to take a look.  But, as the depth of water varies from 1 ft to 12 ft at it’s deepest, this pond is definitely not for swimming in.

It is however, a great place to go and sit peacefully and watch for pond life.


We are lucky enough to own 7 acres of completely private woodland, stuffed with an abundance of wildlife including badgers, fox, deer, rabbits, owls, buzzards and a multitude of other creatures.  Although we are slowly bringing the woods under some management, they are still very wild and tangled, with lots of overgrown coppice as well as the oak and ash standards, making it an incredible place for kids to play with lots of nooks and crannies for dens.

If you are interested in learning the gentle art of woodland bushcraft, then we have a fabulous friend in Dave Wildpath, who is a wilderness mentor and instructor.  If you would like to book an experience with him during your stay, please mail us on [email protected] well in advance of your stay to make sure we can book him for the time required.

Dave can offer the following experiences tailor-made for Luckaborough:

Family day for up to 2 adults and 2 children – 10am to 4pm £220
Adult day for up to 6 adults – 10am to 6pm £260
Overnight experience for either family or adult group £320

All experiences would include some or all of the following depending on age and interests:
Wild foods
Shelter building
Survival skills
Finding water
Fire lighting
Lunch eaten around the campfire
Camp craft (carving, weaving, cordage etc.)

Night-time courses would also include:
Campfire cooking of evening meal
Night-time navigation
Wildlife stalking
Sleeping under the stars
Extended coaching and tuition of daytime skills



Being dog owners ourselves, we are a dog friendly site and welcome well-behaved dogs. We are happy for dogs to be off the lead within the confines of your pitch – BUT ONLY if they are firmly under control. That means, they must be easily recalled and they must stay with the family and not wander off to say hello to anyone else on site, who may not welcome a doggie interaction. This particularly applies to protect children, who can be scared of a dog bounding up to say hello, no matter how friendly.

We should also point out that although our boundary fences are pretty good, it could be possible for a particularly determined dog to go and ‘play’ with the sheep and horses in our neighbours fields.  No matter how friendly your dog’s intentions are, such an incident could end up with your dog being hurt by the horses, or the sheep becoming frightened or protective of their lambs and having heart attacks.  Either way, when it comes to a dog bothering or trying to play with livestock, the law is on the side of the farmer and we would hate for a beloved family pet to get itself into trouble.

If your dog won’t stay close to hand and under control,
then we must ask they remain on a lead when outside
the tent. If a dog proves to be aggressive in any way,
or bothers the other campers, then we reserve
the right to either ask you to put the dog on a
permanent lead or, in extreme cases,
ask you to leave the site.




We really want you to enjoy a very relaxed and happy holiday at Luckaborough,
but for everyone’s safety and comfort, please be advised of the following site rules.

There is ample parking on site, but we don’t allow cars down to the tent pitches.
We will ferry your luggage to the tent on arrival and check out.

As soon as you come through our gate, please abide by the 5mph on-site
speed limit as there will always be loose animals and children to consider.

No glass on site – the only exception is drink & food packaging.
The tents have good quality plastic drinking glasses.

No muddy / outdoor boots or shoes in the tents. All boots and shoes off at
the tent door please – trays and mats provided for dirty shoe storage.

No naked flames in the tents – there are candles provided in the covered candle
lanterns, but you must not have naked candles, or any other naked flames.

No noise after 10pm. This is basic courtesy for everyone’s enjoyment of the
peaceful environment.

Use of firepits must be supervised by a (reasonably) sober adult.
 we encourage you to relax and have a drink, please be sensible
when mixing
 alcohol with use of the firepits.

Children should be supervised at all times around the firepits.

No unsupervised children around the nature pond and swimming lake.
Please be aware, we have left the landscape as wild and unfenced as possible for
everyone’s enjoyment – so the responsibility for child safety and supervision
is with you. There are rescue rings at both the pond and lake for emergencies.

You must only enter the swimming lake via the wooden pontoon. It is deep enough
to dive or jump off the end of the pontoon, or there are metal steps at the end of the
pontoon to assist you.

The banks of the lake are very steeply sloped and made of delicate, slippery clay,
which makes them impossible to exit the lake anywhere else except the pontoon.
The clay lining of the lake is easily damaged and could spring a disastrous
leak if damaged by scrabbling feet or sticks.  

If you are bringing a dog – you must pick up and dispose of all dog poo without
exception. We provide poo bags in the tents.

Dogs must be under control at all times.

Respect nature – we want everyone to engage with the beautiful land we have
here at Luckaborough, but please just look and don’t touch when it comes to
birds’ nests and plants.

Please don’t forage and eat any wild food if you do not know what you are doing –
we are happy to arrange a foraging and bushcraft day in the woods with an
expert during your stay if you are interested.

Boys, if you are using the composting loo, then you MUST sit down to pee,
otherwise the urine separator will not work and it will smell bad

Thank you